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S/PDIF - type of cable

Montego II Plus - FAQs

S/PDIF - type of cable
There are two common types of S/PDIF digital connectors: 
- Co-axial (RCA)
- Optical (TOSLink)

Use a co-ax cable (RG-59U with RCA plugs, 75 ohm resistance) for digital
transfers from a DAT machine to a co-axial S/PDIF I/O and vice versa.

Coaxial (RCA) connector

- A pair of shielded video interconnect cables with RCA plugs should
work fine.

- Standard audio interconnect cables are not designed to transfer
high frequency digital signals and may cause data errors if used
for S/PDIF audio data transfers.

Use a TOSLink optical cable for digital transfers between a DAT machine,
MiniDisc, CD player or CD recorder that is equipped with optical S/PDIF

TOSLink optical connector

- These are the same cables as used by Alesis for their ADAT
series of multitrack digital recorders.

- Most portable MiniDisc recorders only have an optical Digital In (no digital
output). This Digital In is usually a 1/8" phone jack that does double duty
as an analog Line In. This requires a special optical cable with a TOSLink
optical connector at one end and a 1/8" optical connector at the other.
Connect the TOSLink optical connector to the S/PDIF Optical Output on the
Montego II Digital I/O bracket and connect the 1/8" optical connector to the
MiniDisc recorder's Digital In.

1/8" optical connector

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