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Xbox 360 - I Can't Hear Other Players in Chat


- I can't hear other players in chat.
- The chat audio cuts in and out.


(Wired) Talkback Cable Connection:
The Talkback cable or Xbox
360 Talkback Cable jack has failed. Please try testing this headset out on more than one Xbox 360 controller.  If one particular controller does not work, you know that controller has a worn out or damaged Xbox LIVE Chat jack. If the headset does not work on multiple controllers, then the talkback cable has failed and will need to be replaced. Replacement Parts are available to purchase from our website under Parts and Accessories.

(Wireless) XBA Connection:
The XBA has lost pairing to the headset or the controller battery is low. Replace the batteries in the controller and reset/re-pair the
XBA to the headset by following the instructions in this article:
Reset and Re-Pair XBA to Headset.

For replacement parts under the one year warranty, please contact our Support Team here: Contact Support

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Glen | 22 Jan, 2012 05:19 PM
You were right. We switched to a different controller and confirmed the previous controller has an inoperable chat jack. Thank you.
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PS3 - Bluetooth Headset Not Found     Mic Monitor Feature