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Ground Loops - Low Hum, Buzz from speakers or headphones

If you notice a low frequency hum noise (Buzz) coming through your speakers it is most likely a "Ground Loop". To correct the problem:

If there is any three prong AC Cable in the chain, lift the ground pin on the AC cord with a 2 prong adapter. They are available for about $1.00 in any electronics or hardware store.  If this does not help, it is probably another cable that has failed and should be replaced.

Lifting the ground pin on the AC cable is suggested only as a way to find the source of the hum problem. If the hum goes away when the AC ground is lifted, it indicates that you have a ground loop between the Turtle Beach product and the video / audio  / TV equipment into which it is plugged in. You should find the source of that ground loop, correct it, and then reconnect the ground on the power cord. We do not endorse lifting the ground permanently, as it is contrary to the UL certification on the device.

Here is how to break ground loops:

Radio Shack ground loop isolator
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Read more about ground loops at:
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For Gaming Consoles:

1) Disconnect any coaxial cables at the point closest to the television. Signals sent through coaxial cables may cause interference with the sound and picture outputted from a gaming console, which results in buzzing and humming noises from your display and speakers.
2) Make sure you follow the recommended Proper Electrical Connections for your gaming console as improper grounding may cause humming or buzzing noises being output from your display or speakers.

3) Wired Controllers are known to cause a buzzing noise like a Ground Loop.
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Advanced Users:

If your system has hum in your video and audio, "Jensen Transformers" has a very nice isolation transformer for decoupling the cable TV from all your equipment. They have other transformer and isolation products. Jensen also has some very good tutorials on hum and their causes.


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CKcommando | 06 Aug, 2011 09:36 PM
I recently had this problem with my Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. It only makes the buzzing when I have the "Play & Charge" kit connected. So I recommend you simply charge during downtime, and play off the battery's charge. Solved my problem.
Gamertag: CKcommando
Posted: 4 years 9 months ago   | Permalink

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