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Xbox 360 - Chat / Talkback issues - Pops, Clicks, Static, Echo


- "Crackling" or "static" noise on your XBOX Live talkback signal
- Echo in the XBOX Live talkback chat


The above can be caused by a loose connection on the talkback cable either on the XBOX controller or on the headset side.

WHAT TO TRY: (These are only tests to diagnose the issue and by no means permanent solutions)

1. Temporarily disconnect the Talkback Cable to determine if a defective cable causes this issue. If this quiets down the static noise, then it might be a loose connection as described below.  

2. Make sure that the Talkback Cable is fully inserted on both ends.

3. Try holding the plug inserted into the Xbox controller jack so that it doesn't move while you're playing. 

4. "Flip" the cable so that the end that normally goes into the controller (the end with the right angle plug) is now connected to the headset jack.

5. Try a different XBOX controller to determine if the loose connection is on the XBOX controller side. Sometimes, after a controller has been used for a long time, the jack can get loose and no longer makes a firm connection with the Talkback cable plug. Slowly insert and remove the cable plug from the controller jack to feel if it's loose. If it is, then try a newer controller to see if it fits better and solves the problem. If it does, then you should use the newer controller.

6. Wiggle the plug that's inserted into the headset and listen if the problem gets worse. If it does, or if the cable easily pulls out of the jack, then the loose connection is probably on the headset side of the talkback cable. With time, after repeated connections your headphone jack might have become loose (wear and tear).

If the above does not help, then it might be one of the following:

1) RF Interference. Please click here
2) Incompatible Third-Party Controller click here
3) Failing, worn out Talkback Cable click here

TIP: When transporting your Headset always disconnect the cables to prevent the Xbox Controller Jack from becoming loose and avoid breakage of the Talkback Cable tip inside the Xbox Controller.

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Corey | 25 Dec, 2011 12:07 PM
another possible cause... or at least this was the case with mine...i have rechargeable battery packs for my wireless 360 controllers, and if i have the cord plugged in, connecting my xbox to my controller in order to recharge while i'm playing a game, it causes static feedback through my turtle beach headset.
Posted: 2 years 10 months ago   | Permalink
Anonymous | 04 Mar, 2012 11:05 PM
swirching controllers worked thanks alot now my friends dont have to lisen to it and so dont i.
Posted: 2 years 8 months ago   | Permalink
Kaleb | 27 Dec, 2012 06:17 PM
I have found that if you have the charger in with a rechargable pack in, it can (at times) interfere with the connection.
Posted: 1 year 10 months ago   | Permalink
Sean | 21 Jan, 2013 10:00 PM
Hey i found out if you have one of those chargeable batterie packs that go through a USB to your controller it will make the static noise. If its unplugged it should be fine.
Posted: 1 year 10 months ago   | Permalink
Wayne Horton | 28 Jul, 2014 08:07 AM
dont use the xbox to charge the controller use a usb adapter from phone or simular

works for me no buzzing
Posted: 3 months ago   | Permalink

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Troubleshoot Chat/Mic     Xbox 360 - I Can't Hear Other Players