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XBA Bluetooth Wireless Chat Adapter (Optional) for Xbox 360 Controller - FAQ

The User Guide mentions an optional Bluetooth wireless adapter for the chat. It is for the 'Standard' Xbox 360 Controller.

NOTE: This adapter cable is not compatible with the Chatpad or controllers with non-standard XBOX Chat connections. Some third party controllers have weird shapes and the XBA won't fit. Also, the Razer controller has some controls that might get in the way. The XBA was designed specifically for the official Microsoft XBOX 360 controllers and works only with them.


The range of the XBA is about the same as the Headset about 30 Feet (10 meters).


When using the XBA with the PX5 for optimal operation we recommend that the Headset be in PS3 Mode. In Xbox Mode you will not get the Chat Boost. 


When you use XBA with PX5 on an Xbox, you will no longer be able to use the Bluetooth interface to play music at the same time as hearing Live chat. If the Bluetooth-connected phone rings and you switch to the phone call, you will no longer be able to hear the Live chat.


Q:  Does your XBA Bluetooth adapter work with any standard Bluetooth headset?

A:  The XBA should work with any standard Bluetooth headset (such as the PBT); however, the volume may sound lower than normal. Here's a list of our current BT Headphones:


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