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2 Get Help - How To Use The Turtle Beach Support Site (Knowledgebase/Downloads)

If you are reading this, you are already in our Knowledgebase. Welcome!

We urge you to check our Knowledgebase (Kb) first. You will be pleasantly surprised to find answers to your questions anytime, day or night, 24/7. For example, on the upper left section next to "Google Search", type X12 Mic and click on the Google Search button. If the articles found do not answer your question, try different key words, keeping in mind that a search engine is as good as the data you provide. If you need a user guide for the X32, type "User guide X32". If you need a driver for the Micro II, type "Micro II driver". Under most products there is also a "Videos" category where all of the available support videos are listed.
Below the Google Search section there is a categorized list of all our products (tree structure) that allows you to drill down to a specific article, driver, file or document, organized by product. If you want to browse through all available files, user guides, documentation, drivers, etc. by product, click the "Downloads" tab and use the tree structure (left column) to navigate to the product or section you need.
If you cannot find what you need, while we do not provide phone support, you may click on our Live Chat, upper right corner (button reads: "Chat Live Now") to get in touch with one of our Reps (Live Chat hours: Mon-Fri 9-5 Eastern Time) or click on the Contact Support tab to fill in our Technical Support Form and send an e-mail to our Support Team. Be sure to include your full name, your product's exact name and model, the purchase date and store. Be sure to check your "junk" e-mail folder, in case your spam-blocking software filters our reply.
E-mails are answered in the exact order they are received, Monday-Friday, 9:00-5:00 Eastern Time on business days. We observe all national holidays. Please allow for more time during holidays.
Fax Tech Support: 914-345-2266. For fastest turnaround time while saving a couple of trees, we strongly recommend using e-mail instead of fax.
Click the Customer Service  folder for the following:
     - Sales/Customer Service Policies, Procedures, General Info
     - Warranty, Returns, Refunds, RMAs
     - Shipping info, Address change, Order cancellation, etc.
     - Ordering and Online Sales issues
For specific technical support and troubleshooting articles by product, the sub-folders are organized as follows:

 1. Overview / Description / Features / Specs:
     - General descriptions of products
     - What's in the box
     - Technical specifications and features
     - Descriptions of connectors, plugs, jacks, cables, etc.
     - System Requirements for proper installation and use
     - Supported platforms and operating systems
2. Installation:
     - Manuals, Installation Diagrams, and User Guide links
     - Installation instructions
     - Solutions to common installation problems and errors
3. Troubleshooting: (General, Audio, Chat/Mic)
     - Post-installation issues
     - Solutions and workarounds to commonly-encountered problems
     - Suggestions to solve issues such as "no sound", or "features not functioning"
     - Help for fixing program errors, malfunctioning devices, etc.
4. Power Tips:
     - Advanced tips about our products
     - Tips for configuring our products with add-on accessories
     - Tips for configuring Windows settings for use with our products
     - Help for physical connections to consumer electronic devices such as
       home stereos, TVs, DVD/MP3/CD players, iPods, etc.
5. Advanced Sound Editor / Presets Manager:
     - How to download/use software to customizing presets and voice prompts
     - Instructions for updating product firmware
     - Downloadable user guides for the ASE and Presets Manager
6. Videos:
     - Lists all available setup and how-to videos for the product
7. 3rd Party:
     - Help and tips for using our products with other manufacturers' products

NOTE: "3rd Party" refers to non-Turtle Beach products available from other vendors, or other companies' utilities and files found on the VTB Website. We don't provide support for these products, nor is inclusion or exclusion in this section considered a product endorsement or rejection. This information is provided solely as a courtesy to our customers.
How to find FAQ articles (without using the Search feature):
Say you need help with your "Ear Force X32" headphones.
1. First, click on "Knowledgebase" at the top left
2. Click on "Headphones" to expand the tree
3. Click on "Ear Force X32" to expand the contents of the X32 folder
4. Select one of the sub-categories relative to the issue you need help with
How to find User Guides, Presets, Updates etc. (without using the Search feature):
Say you need a UserGuide for your XP7 headset:
1. Click on "Downloads" next to the "Knowledgebase" tab
2. Click on "Headsets" to expand the tree
3. Select XP7 from the list
4. Click on "Presets" to Download the presets

NOTE: User Guides for all products are also listed alphabetically under: Downloads > UserGuides - Manuals
GLOSSARY: For definitions of commonly-used words or terms related to our products, click on the Glossary tab. Terms are arranged alphabetically. These words will also be highlighted red when they appear in articles, so you can mouse-over and click them for a pop-up balloon.
ALL DOCUMENTS/FILES IN THE VTB SUPPORT AREA ARE FOR INFORMATIONAL USE ONLY. Information posted by VTB in the Support Area is accurate at the time of publication. This information is subject to change, and while we strive to maintain the accuracy of our documents, this *cannot* be guaranteed. INFORMATION IN THESE DOCUMENTS IS PROVIDED ON AN "AS IS" BASIS WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. The user assumes the entire responsibility for use of these documents or files.
These documents may be copied and distributed subject to the following conditions:
- All copies must contain the "VTB SUPPORT CONDITIONS OF USE" notice
- Any document must be copied in its entirety without modification
- These documents may NOT be distributed for profit
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