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document Xbox 360 HDMI - Connecting Headsets for Game Audio
Stereo Headsets Surround Sound Stereo Headsets If your Xbox...
Comments: 19
document Pairing Instructions - X32, X42
In order to play game audio, a wireless headset must be "paired" to its transmitter. The headset...
Comments: 48
document Microphone does NOT work - Test using a PC (X12, X11, X1)
This test is to find out if your Talkback (chat) Cable has failed, or the X12, X11, or X1 mic. It...
Comments: 7
document Using on PC: PX51, XP510, PX4, XP400, PX5, XP500, Tango, X-Ray, Phantom
The PX51, XP510, PX4, XP400, PX5, XP500, Tango, X-Ray, Delta, and Phantom headsets were...
Comments: 12
document Warranty and End User License
Comments: 0
document Replacement Parts - How To Get
Replacement Parts for our products can be purchased from our Web Site (USA ONLY) at this...
Comments: 0
document Xbox 360 - Chat / Talkback issues - Pops, Clicks, Static, Echo
SYMPTOMS: - "Crackling" or "static" noise on your XBOX Live talkback signal - Echo in the...
Comments: 5
document Defective Product - How Do I Return? - RMA procedure
The following applies to a product purchased retail that is under warranty.  The...
Comments: 0
document PS4 Installation Instructions - System Settings
NOTE: Before you begin, make sure the headset is connected correctly, otherwise some of the...
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document 802.11 Wireless Network RF Interference caused by Router
SYMPTOM: Router Knocks Out RF Transmitter / Receiver resulting in Pops,...
Comments: 7
document Using the X32, X42, X31, X41 with a PC
Please note that these headsets were not originally designed for PC, nor are they advertised as PC...
Comments: 0
document Serial Number - How do I find my headset's serial number?
All of our current headsets are labeled with a serial number (S/N). The serial number will be...
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document Get Help - How To Use The Turtle Beach Support Site (Knowledgebase/Downloads)
If you are reading this, you are already in our Knowledgebase. Welcome! We urge you to...
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document PS3 - Chat/Mic Not Working Test on PC
This troubleshooting applies to USB headsets...
Comments: 1
document PS4 and Headsets Compatibility info
The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is here! PS4 Setup Instructions are now widely available for all Turtle...
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