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document Chat Sounds 'Robotic'
The online chat is actually sent through XBL / PSN Servers over the Internet. The audio is data...
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document Xbox 360: Chat / Talkback issues - Pops, Clicks, Static, Echo
SYMPTOMS: - "Crackling" or "static" noise on your XBOX Live talkback signal - Echo in the...
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document Xbox 360: Mic Troubleshooting Guide - Test (by leaving a Voice Msg in Live)
SYMPTOM: Xbox LIVE Chat audio is not working correctly. TROUBLESHOOTING: The very...
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document Xbox 360 Live Chat - I Can't Hear Other Players
You can fine-tune game audio and chat volumes using the Headset's Game and...
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document Xbox 360 Live Chat - Other Players Can't Hear Me
If other players cannot hear you on Xbox LIVE, the first thing you want to try is using the...
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document Xbox 360 Live - Voice Chat Doesn't Work Unless Coming Through "Speakers"
Q:  Voice chat doesn't work unless coming through "speakers". In order...
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document Mic Monitor Feature
Most of our current headsets have a Mic Monitor feature that allows you to hear your own voice...
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document Xbox 360 - Compatibility with third-party Controllers
We've designed and tested our headsets with the official Microsoft Xbox 360...
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