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document Opening files?
USB MIDI Cable - FAQs Opening files?Q: I am having a problem accessing some of my existing MIDI...
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document MIDI - Newbie Issue 1
If you have trouble getting MIDI In or MIDI Out to work, please do not...
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document MIDI - Newbie Issue 2 - 'MIDI Monitor' Testing Utility
First make sure that:       - The MIDI IN...
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document Installation
USB MIDI Cable - FAQs Installation The USB MIDI Cable is compatible with both types of USB ports:...
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document MIDI - Playback through Keyboard instead of the Sound Card
USB MIDI Cable - FAQs MIDI - Playback through Keyboard instead of the Sound CardIn order to route...
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document MIDI - Joystick - do I need one connected for MIDI?
Q:  I do not have a Joystick. Do I need to purchase one in...
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document MIDI Cable connection - No MIDI In port on keyboard
Q:  My keyboard has only a 'MIDI OUT' port and not a 'MIDI IN' port...
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document MIDI - 101 - Setup for Internal Playback & External MIDI Keyboard Synth
This applies to all MIDI Sequencing, Recording or Notation programs. While the way to access the...
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document MIDI interfaces - Standard vs. USB
With the introduction of USB technology, modern Sound Cards no longer have a 15-pin port and those...
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