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document MIDI controllers - Cables
Q:  I am using the Voyetra Music Write program and want to purchase a...
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document Converting MIDI to compressed formats
USB MIDI Cable - FAQs Converting MIDI to compressed formatsQ: Do you have an upgrade to this or...
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document MIDI - more than 16 instruments?
USB MIDI Cable - FAQs MIDI - more than 16 instruments?Q: I need to expand the number of midi...
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document Exporting / Importing files to Music Write series
USB MIDI Cable - FAQs Exporting / Importing files to Music Write seriesWhat you need to do is to...
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document Recording from a MIDI Keyboard - how to
USB MIDI Cable - FAQs Recording from a MIDI Keyboard - how to1. Setup 10-16 MIDI tracks in the...
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document Sounds same as MIDI Keyboard?
USB MIDI Cable - FAQs Sounds same as MIDI Keyboard?Q: I want to be able to have the same sound...
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document MIDI - More about MIDI
We commonly refer to a single MIDI device as a port. Each MIDI port can receive (or...
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document MIDI concepts
It is necessary to understand MIDI if you are interested in doing any creative work...
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