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Sample Rate conversion?

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Sample Rate conversion?
Q:  I have been trying to mixpaste some stuff, it states "must be in the same 
format" both are MP3, how do I get them (both MP3 files) into the same
format? One is 22050 and the other is 44100. I cannot figure out how
to save one or the other in the same format? I am unable to retape these
files so doing it over in the same format is not an option.

A: There isn't any way to convert 22,050 into 44,100 but you can convert
the 44,100 into 22,050 if you want to have them both in the same song
(mixpaste, etc.) You can make the 44,100 one into 22,050 by clicking
on File > Save As and choosing the appropriate bitrate.


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