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Save as MP3 - Supported Bit Rates

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Save as MP3 - Supported Bit Rates
    The MP3 option will be available only if you have a 3rd Party MP3 encoding
    CODEC (such as the Cyberlink MP3 codec) installed on your computer. This
    cannot be guaranteed as it depends on various system-related factors. You
    can open an MP3 file that is higher than the supported 56 kbps rate but
    you won't be able to Save it as an MP3 file at the same high rate. 

NOTE: The MP3 capability is NOT available in Windows Vista. Not even 
      at the poor quality of 56kbps. The drop-down menu is grayed out.

Supported Bit Rates:
   WAV 1411 kbps
   WMA 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 128, 160, 192 kbps
   MP3 24, 32, 40, 48, 56 kbps


Encoding WMA:
   The included WMA Codec allows encoding up to 192 kbps.

Encoding MP3:
   This Software can Save MP3s up to 56 kbps. Not available in all systems. 
   You can open, play and edit MP3 files (of higher rates) but you can only
   Save up to 56 kbps in the MP3 (ACM format) unless you have a 3rd party MP3 
   Encoding Codec (such as CyberLink) installed on your computer. In this case
   you can use the higher Rates that this Codec supports.   

CODEC: Is an electronic device (a circuit consisting of an Encoder and 
       a Decoder) that converts analog signals into digital form and 
       compresses them to conserve bandwidth on a transmission path. 

Cyberlink's website is www.gocyberlink.com
Here's the link to the MP3 codec from Cyberlink:


NOTE: As with everything Windows, please make sure you Close the program 
      and re-open it after any change you make such as:
      -  Activating the program from Demo to Full version with the Prod ID
      -  Installing the Cyberlink Codec otherwise, some of the 'Save As' 
         options may not be available.
      -  In certain system configurations, (including in Windows Vista) even 
         the low bit-rate of 56 kbps is not available. In these systems, the
         "Save As" is not available at all for MP3s. This is system and not
         program specific and it depends solely on the Codecs installed in 
         these systems.


    We don't provide support or make any warranties for 3rd party products 
    nor is inclusion or exclusion considered a product endorsement or 
    rejection. This information is provided solely as a courtesy to our 

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