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USB MIDI Cable - MIDI Setup with the USB Cable

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USB MIDI Cable - MIDI Setup with the USB Cable
Q:  I am not sure how to record my keyboard into the software. Both 
input/output lights are green. I am supposed to be able to play my
keyboard & record into this software? (I know, dumb user question)

How can I check for the problem & what terminology do I need to be
looking for? Any recommendations on reading material about this sort
of stuff?

A: In Record Producer MIDI, click on Options>MIDI Port Setup. Make sure TB
USB MIDI 1x1 appear for MIDI Input. You may have to click on the dropdown
box to select it.

Then you just need to set up a track for recording, which involves
selecting the MIDI channel and port. You can also select an instrument.
Just make sure your MIDI keyboard is transmitting on that same MIDI

For further details on how to use the software, click on Help>Contents.
Here is a lot of info re: MIDI on the Web. Please try this:


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