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Pops & Clicks

Audio Advantage Micro - FAQs

Pops & Clicks
*  Make sure that the AA Micro is plugged DIRECTLY into your Powered Speakers 
or Receiver / Sound System. Do NOT use a USB 2.0 hub. They do NOT work!


If you experience pops & clicks or crackly noises in your System, this has
to do with the bandwidth available on the system for the PCI Bus, depending
on how different computer manufacturers set up their USB ports.

In some Systems depending on the USB port configuration on the motherboard
circuitry, a slight pop may occasionally be present. This has to do with
the bandwidth available on your system for the PCI Bus which is related
to how different computer manufacturers set up their USB ports. Audio
playback through the USB is very dependent on system performance. If the
system is busy doing a lot of things, it may cause the audio playback to
be interrupted from time to time. Also, some systems have slower USB
chipsets than others.

If other USB devices are in operation, please avoid using them while the
AA Micro is playing. Using your USB joystick, mouse or another USB device,
might cause this problem in some systems, because of USB Bandwidth
limitation or bottleneck. Again, when it comes to Computers as they say:
"there is no free lunch".


In WinXP > My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Performance you have
the following two choises:

- "Adjust for Best Performance"
- "Adjust for Best Appearance"

Try them both and see which one works best for your particular System.
Selecting "Performance" will shut off a lot of the window animations and
other eye candy that slows down performance.


If pops happen on the Digital Output, please remember: The digital out on
the AAMicro is 48kHz not 44.1kHz. Please set your DAC to 48kHz. Please consult
with the external device's documentation on this.

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