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Optical Digital Out and Boston Acoustics BA735 Speaker System

*** Not all digital audio connectors are usable with each other! ***

One popular "digital-only" speaker system, the Boston Acoustics BA735, has
been brought to our attention by several customers trying to use it with
our current soundcards.

All of our current soundcards come equipped with "Toslink" optical digital
(S/PDIF) outputs.

The Boston Acoustics BA735 has an input labeled "Digital In" that is on a 1/8"
mini-phone jack. What it doesn't tell you is that this is a coaxial
("electrical S/PDIF") digital input, which is NOT DIRECTLY COMPATIBLE with
a Toslink optical digital output (as supplied on our soundcards).

Using one of our Audio Advantage (USB) soundcards, you might think that since
these have an 1/8" mini-phone jack as well, that the digital out should mate
perfectly with the BA735's digital in. Unfortunately this is not the case.

Again, the Boston Acoustics BA735 has a coaxial digital input ("electrical
S/PDIF"), which happens to be on a 1/8" phone jack. It is NOT an optical
digital input, and will not accept an optical digital audio signal.

    The 1/8" mini-phone jack is NOT an RCA jack! Coaxial S/PDIF is usually
    carried on an RCA jack, but the BA735 uses a 1/8" mini-phone jack. They
    are NOT the same thing!

So no, the Audio Advantage soundcards' optical output will NOT work when
plugged directly into the coaxial digital input on the Boston Acoustics BA735
-- EVEN THOUGH THE JACKS LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME. (You will get no sound from
the speakers.)

When using a Montego DDL or Riviera soundcard, you may notice that the S/PDIF
OUT jack on the back of the soundcard looks very different from the input jack
on the BA735. This should be your first clue that they may not be compatible
-- and in fact, they are not.

So what should you do if you have one of our soundcards and you're trying to
use it with your Boston Acoustics BA735 speaker system?

1)  You will need to obtain an Optical Digital Out to Coaxial Digital Out
. One we know of is made by our friends at Hosa Technologies --
    The ODL-276A:

This unit takes an optical S/PDIF Output and converts it to coaxial S/PDIF
Out, which *should* allow you to use a Turtle Beach soundcard's digital out
with your BA735.

Please take note that we have NOT tested this setup, and we're only providing
this information to illustrate how this should all work -- IN THEORY.

At any rate, assuming it all works, you will need to complete the following

2)  You will need to find (or make) an adapter cable for connection from the
    coaxial S/PDIF Out RCA jack on the ODL-276A to the 1/8" mini-phone jack
    Digital In on the BA735. (Confused yet?)

    The cable you need will be a 2-conductor, shielded cable with an RCA plug
    on one end, and a 2-conductor ("mono") 1/8" mini-phone plug on the other.
    You should be able to find this at your local Radio Shack. Or you can use
    an RCA-Female-to-1/8" mini-phone plug adapter on the end that plugs into
    the BA735's digital input.

3)  Now, plug a Toslink optical digital cable from the S/PDIF Out on the
    soundcard to the Optical Digital Input on the Hosa ODL-276A converter.

4)  Plug the RCA end of your connector cable (from step 2 above) into the
    Coaxial Digital Output on the Hosa ODL-276A converter.

5)  Plug the 1/8" mini-phone plug end of the connector cable (from step 2)
    into the Digital In on your BA735 speaker setup.

If it all works like it should, you should now be able to get sound from your
BA735 speakers.

The only reason this is all necessary is that there are very few soundcards
available today with coaxial digital output.

Our older (discontinued) Montego II and Santa Cruz coaxial digital output,
but almost all of today's Home Theater A/V receivers use optical S/PDIF.
Toslink optical is the most popular digital audio connection type these days,
so that's what is on our current crop of soundcards.

If you have an older digital-only speaker setup like the BA735 that you want
to use with a current-generation soundcard with optical digital out, the above
steps may be the only way to get it all working together -- at least without
buying a complete new speaker setup.

All files and documentation are offered on an *AS IS* basis and you assume full responsibility for using them.

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