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Error: "SetupDLLSetupDLL.cpp"

Q:  When installing the product I get the following error:
    (VideoAdvantage used as an example)

        Error Code: -5003 : 0x5
        Error Information:
        >SetupDLLSetupDLL.cpp (1964)
        PVENDOR:Turtle Beach (http://www.turtle-beach.com)

A:  This is a very rare error. This is an InstallShield error which can be
    caused by mismatched versions of InstallShield. The PC has one version
    installed and the product you are installing is using another version.

    -  Go to C:Program FilesCommon FilesInstallShield
    -  Take the contents of the folder and move them into a temporary folder
    -  The InstallShield folder itself should NOT be moved
    -  Now run the product install again
    -  After the product is installed, you may move those folders back

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