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Uninstalling a Windows program - How To

Our Tech Support staff receives a good number of requests for help from users 
who inadvertently have deleted files that are associated with Windows
programs, in an attempt to either Uninstall a program or thinking that they 
do not need them.

This is a NO! NO! Please do NOT ever remove any files associated with any 
Windows program. Instead, always use the Windows "Add/Remove Programs" 
Wizard or a program's Install Shield that usually offers these options: 

        Modify, Repair, Remove

Do NOT delete folders or files that belong to a program, as this will render
this program's Uninstall useless, generating errors like: 

        "No installation found" etc.  

In cases like this, you are 'stuck' and often times there is no remedy other 
than manipulating your System's Registry on your own and **at your own risk**
or you may need to reformat the hard drive where the Windows OS is installed. 

As far as Device Drivers are concerned, please always consult with the device 
manufacturer's documentation.

VTB bears no responsibility for "user errors" and has absolutely no 
obligation to restore your system to a working condition.

All files and documentation are offered on an *AS IS* basis and you assume full responsibility for using them.

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