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Error: 1607 "unable to install InstallShield scripting runtime:

    The error above may appear in some Systems while installing a program.

    -  You have multiple copies of the Installer already running in one

    -  Your Windows Install engine is old and hasn't been updated, which is
       quite common in Windows 98 or Millennium.


Please be aware that this error message is a "System Specific" error and can
be caused by system specific setting. VTB has posted this as a courtesy to
our Customers and will not be held liable for your ability or inablility to
use this information. VTB is unable to offer any technical support or
assistance in the fixing of this problem on any specific machine. If you
are unsure of your computer skills, please contact a qualified computer
technician to help you resolve this problem. VTB will not be held liable
for any information listed on a 3rd party web site.


    Please visit Microsoft's Support for detailed info on how to correct
    this Install Shield issue:


    -  On the right hand side of the page above, you'll see a box that says
    -  'Windows Installer 2.0 Redistributable for Windows 95, 98, and Me'.
    -  Click on 'Download files below' and it will take you to the bottom of
       the page.
    -  Download and install the file called 'instmsia.exe' which will update
       your Windows Install Engine. Then reboot your computer and try running
       the program installation again.


    Here's the link to the Install Shield site:

    If you want to put the Google query up it goes exactly like this:
    "unable to install InstallShield" AND "1607"


NOTE: This information is offered on an *AS IS* basis as a courtesy without
      Support or any guarantees and Users are entirely responsible for this

All files and documentation are offered on an *AS IS* basis and you assume full responsibility for using them.

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