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Specifications - Riviera

Riviera - FAQs

Specifications/Features - Inputs/Outputs

*  Surround sound available via digital audio connection to a home theater
   system or multiple analog audio outputs connected to a surround speaker 

*  Optical S/PDIF output for playback of pure digital audio at resolutions of
   up to 24 Bits at 44.1kHz or 48kHz sampling rates, allowing for pass-through
   of Dolby? Digital and DTS? multichannel DVD sound to external A/V receivers

*  Selectable 2, 4 or 6 analog line output channels with 16 Bit resolution at
   up to 48kHz sampling rate
*  Converts stereo sound sources to multi-channel format, for listening to 
   MP3 digital music or movies with enhanced surround sound on 4 or 6 

*  Game port for analog joystick connection and MIDI In/Out (with optional
   interface cable) No longer supported.
*  Supports Game Surround Sound APIs such as HRTF-based 3D positional audio,
   DirectSound 3D  

*  Full-duplex codec (Analog)

*  32-bit PCI bus master 

*  Mic Input: The Mic Input on the Riviera will take only a Stereo Mic 
              and the Recording will be Stereo. A Mono Mic will NOT work.

*  BLUE - LINE IN - C/W VersaJack Operates as either a Stereo Line Input or 
                    Center/Subwoofer channels out (5 & 6) 
*  PINK - MIC IN - Mic Input (STEREO only) 
*  GREEN - FRONT OUT - Front channels L/R out (1 & 2) 
*  BLACK - REAR OUT - Rear channels L/R out (3 & 4) 
*  Optical S/PDIF Out 
*  MIDI/Game port D-15 connector 
*  Internal input connectors for CD and Aux audio sources

MIDI Implementation:
The Riviera is basically an Audio Card and except for the MIDI Joystick Port,
it does not have any MIDI features (Wavetable Synth, Wavetable Header, etc.).
UPDATE: The MIDI Joystick Port is not supported in Windows 2000, XP and later.

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