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Error: "Not Signed Driver or No Digital Signature"

During the Installation you may see an Error message explaining that the
software has not passed Windows Logo testing or does not have a Digital
Signature. This means that we have not had Microsoft test our current driver
version and certify it as Windows Logo compliant.

However, the driver and software have undergone extensive testing under all
supported operating systems, so you can safely proceed by clicking "Continue
Anyway" or "Yes" (depending on the operating system). This will NOT make your
system unstable.


If you are installing the product and there is no option for "Continue Anyway"

- Go to Control Panel > System > Hardware > Driver Signing.
- Under "What action do you want Windows to take?"
- Select "Warn - Prompt me each time to choose an action".

Now when you go to install our product, you will be given the choice to
"Continue Anyway". 

All files and documentation are offered on an *AS IS* basis and you assume full responsibility for using them.

Go to Downloads for User Guides, Manuals, Drivers and other files for this product.
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