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Speakers - Cable wiring for 5.1

Montego DDL - FAQs

Speakers - Cable wiring for 5.1
Q:  I am confused about the 5.1 speaker configuration. I have seen on the box
and on your web site that the sub woofer and center speaker share the same
speaker wire. How does this work? Since the center channel signal produces
most of the voice in a 5.1 recording and the subwoofer, the ".1" channel
signal, produces most of the bass, and they are two separate and different
signals, how can they share the same output and the same speaker wire?

Assuming this works like it should with a 5.1 system, what kind of wire is
required? I have never seen a speaker wire that was split like this.

A: The output on the card is stereo. One side is the center channel signal
and the other is the sub signal. This is standard for sound cards.
Your 5.1 speaker system should have both the center and sub on one
stereo 1/8 inch cable.


For a 5.1 Speaker setup:
On Montego DDL --> Speaker input
GREEN jack --> Front L/R (green)
BLACK jack --> Surround L/R (black)
ORANGE jack --> Center/Subwoofer (orange)
2nd ORANGE jack --> not used

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