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Static/Popping/Crackling noises

  Static/Popping/Crackling noises are usually the result of system resource
  conflicts or excessive activity along the PCI bus. It could also result from
  System overheating, failing fans or even an inadequate System Power Supply.
  Often times this is caused by a Video Card, which are known to deplete
  system resources in order to achieve better performance at the expense of
  other applications.

  When another device illegally locks up the bus for more than 1/88200th of
  a second, there's a good chance you will lose audio samples resulting in
  a glitch in the recording or playback.

  1) Update your built-in sound system drivers.  

  2) Try to lower your Video Card's Hardware Acceleration and see if this
     makes any difference. We have seen this work time and again, not only
     for static but also for Latency and Syncing issues.

  3) Look at your Power settings in the Windows Control Panel. It is probably
     set to a "Power Efficiency" mode. Set it to "Best Performance" "High 
     Performance" (or similar) and you should hear an improvement in audio

Windows XP:
(supported products only)
- Right-click on your Desktop
- Properties
- Settings
- Advanced
- Troubleshooting
- Next to: Hardware Acceleration
- Move slider to the Left towards "None"

Windows Vista, Win 7: (supported products only)
- Right-click on your Desktop
- Personalize
- Display (it's in the lower left corner of the Personalize window)
- Change Display Settings (requires administrator access)
- Advanced settings
- Troubleshoot
- Change Settings
- Continue
- Next to: Hardware Acceleration
- Move slider to the Left towards "None"

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