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Xbox 360 Live Chat - Other Players Can't Hear Me

If other players cannot hear you on Xbox LIVE, the first thing you want to try is using the standard communicator headset that came with your Xbox 360, just to verify that your Xbox 360 controller is functioning properly. If the original Xbox 360 communicator headset works, then you know your Talkback Cable has failed. Since these cables have to be lightweight so that they do not "weigh you down" while playing, caution should be exercised not to get them caught under furniture, etc.

If your headset features a pink microphone plug, such as the X12 and X11, you can test it on a PC. This test will help you determine whether the headset's microphone has failed, or if the issue is with the Talkback Cable connection: click here

If your headset uses a USB connection for chat on PS3 or PC/Mac, such as the PX22, PX21/Foxtrot, Kilo, PX3/Bravo, Shadow, Spectre, Marvel, and Atlas, then you can test the headset's microphone via USB on a PC using this alternate test: click here

If you need to purchase a replacement Talkback Cable, replacement parts are available on our website under Parts.

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