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Xbox 360 Test - Mic Not Working

SYMPTOM: My microphone isn't working and other people in chat can't hear me.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If other players cannot hear you on Xbox LIVE, the very first thing you always want to do is make sure your chat cable is firmly plugged in to the headset and Xbox 360 controller, and that you have not turned down your chat audio wheel to 0 or muted your microphone using the controls on the cable or headset.

Next, you'll want to test the headset on something other than the Xbox itself, if possible.

- If your headset features a pink microphone plug, such as the X12 and X11, you can test it on a PC. This test will help you determine whether the headset's microphone has failed, or if the issue is with the Talkback Cable connection: click here

- If your headset also uses a USB connection for chat on PS3 or PC/Mac, such as the PX22, PX21/Foxtrot, Kilo, PX3/Bravo, Shadow, Spectre, Marvel, and Atlas, then you can test the headset's microphone via USB on a PC using this alternate test: click here

If your headset does not have a USB chat interface for a PS3 or a pink 3.5 mm microphone plug, or if you tried one of the above tests and the headset worked just fine but it still does not work properly on Xbox LIVE Chat, please try the following:

1.    Connect the headset's USB plug to the Xbox, and connect the chat cable to the Xbox controller.
2.    Talk into the mic.

Can you hear your own voice in the headset? If you can, you know for sure that the microphone works correctly, which is a good start.  Try testing the headset using a different Xbox 360 controller.  If that fixes the issue, the chat jack in your Xbox controller is broken or warped and is the cause of the problem, and you'll need to get that controller fixed or replace it.

Next, try the testing your headset's chat features by leaving a Voice Message on the LIVE server.

Xbox LIVE Message Test:

Press the Xbox Guide button, and navigate to the tab for your Xbox LIVE Gamertag:

1.    Select "Messages". 
2.    Select "Create New". 
3.    Select "Message". 
4.    Select any Gamertag you have listed.  If you currently do not have any Gamertags added yet, select "Enter Gamertag", then enter the letter "a", and select "Done". 
5.    Pick someone to send the message to (you don't need to actually send the message, but you need to pick someone to proceed to the next step).
6.    Select "Add Voice".
7.    Now select the Record button and begin to record using your microphone, which is plugged into the Xbox 360 controller. 
8.    When you are finished recording, select the Playback button to hear the recorded audio from this test.
9.    The message will play back, and you should hear yourself speaking.  If you don't hear your recorded voice, please check to make sure that the Voice Volume is turned up in Xbox Guide > Settings > Preferences > Voice > Voice Output. (If you don't want to save or send the message, exit the Message screen and choose Yes, then Discard to discard the message.)

Did this message record and play back properly?  If it did not, then your headset's chat cable may have been broken.


  • If you heard your voice properly during those tests, the headset should be working correctly.  
  • If your headset doesn't work on another device (such as a PC during one of the linked tests at the top), there's a problem with the headset itself and you should Contact Support. Always make sure you make the support crew aware of the troubleshooting steps you have already gone through.
  • Otherwise, you may need to replace your headset's Talkback Cable.  If you need to purchase a replacement Talkback Cable, replacement parts are available on our website under Parts.

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