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Upgrading your Ear Force X-52 with the Optional Inline Headphone Amplifier:

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Upgrading your Ear Force X-52 with the Optional Inline Headphone Amplifier:
If your PC's built-in audio isn't driving your X-52 headphones the way you'd
like, you can give your sound a big boost with our Inline Headphone Amplifier.
You'll get more powerful control over your audio and a bigger, livelier
performance from your surround sound headphones.

To install the Inline Headphone Amplifier:

1) Unplug the 'passive' Surround Sound Breakout Cable from your PC soundcard

2) Disconnect the X-52 9-pin mini-DIN Male connector from the Surround Sound
Breakout Cable's 9-pin mini-DIN Female connector socket. You can set aside
the Surround Sound Breakout Cable.

3) Take your new Inline Headphone Amplifier and notice that it has a 9-pin
mini-DIN Female connector at one end, and the other end has five smaller
plugs coming out of it.

4) Connect the Inline Headphone Amp's 9-pin mini-DIN Female connector to the
X-52's 9-pin mini-DIN Male connector.

5) At the other end of the Inline Headphone Amp, notice the black DC power
plug (it's different than the other plugs). Connect this plug to the power
jack on the included AC/DC Adapter. Plug the AC/DC adapter into a 120VAC
wall socket (for use in USA, Canada and Mexico only!).

6) Take the audio connectors from the Inline Headphone Amp and plug them into
the appropriate jacks on your PC audio interface/soundcard.

- GREEN plug from amp goes to GREEN jack on soundcard (Front L/R)
- BLACK plug from amp goes to BLACK jack on soundcard (Surround L/R)
- ORANGE plug from amp goes to ORANGE jack on soundcard (Center/Sub)
- PINK plug from amp goes to PINK jack on soundcard (Microphone)

7) Turn on the Inline Headphone Amp by turning its Master Volume knob
clockwise. The Inline Headphone Amp has a blue LED that should light up.

8) Adjust the separate levels to taste.

...And get ready for a big boost in your audio listening enjoyment!

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