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Plasma TV - Using the X3, X4 with a Plasma TV

Plasma TVs can generate Infra Red emission generated by the scanning pulses
on the TV screen. This IR signal can be sensed by the X3, X4 IR headphones as a
background "buzz" or "crackling" sound. Some plasma TV models have IR filters
to reduce the IR emission. On these models, the "buzz" is significantly
reduced or does not occur at all. It is important to note that this issue
is not unique to the X3, X4 headphones--all analog IR headphones will exhibit
this problem with plasma TVs.

In many cases, the background buzz or crackling noise is barely noticeable
and the X3, X4 transmitter can be positioned such that it is either eliminated
or drastically reduced. The Plasma interference is most noticeable when there
is no audio playing through the Xbox, so you may hear a slight background
crackling or buzzing on menus or before the game begins. Once the game sound
is playing, the X3, X4 transmitter signal is stronger and the interference is
significantly reduced or completely eliminated.

Plasma IR interference is also significantly reduced the further away you
place the X4 headphones from the plasma screen typically around 5 feet.
This is because the IR signal intensity drops off with greater distance
from the source and also because the X4 transmitter signal is much more
intense than the IR radiation from the Plasma screen. Therefore, the issue
may be more noticeable if your Plasma TV is located in a small room rather
than a larger room.

A simple solution to reduce the IR interference when using the X3, X4 with a
Plasma TVs is to maximize the X3, X4 transmitter signal intensity so that it
overpowers the Plasma IR interference signal. This can be accomplished
by placing the X3, X4 transmitter in direct line of sight with the headphones,
or by placing it closer to the headphones and away from the plasma screen
to pass the signal around the Plasma interference.

-  Placing the Transmitter in line-of-sight will maximize the signal strength
   and help overcome the IR interference from Plasma TV screens.

-  Placing the Transmitter closer to the headphones will maximize the signal
   strength and help overcome the IR interference from Plasma TV screens.

-  Placing the IR headphones' WIRELESS TRANSMITTER a foot or so IN
   FRONT of the television so that the hum is minimized to a tolerable
   level. You may even be able to get rid of the hum entirely. 

These configurations will help assure a direct beam to the X4 headphones,
thereby maximizing the strength of the X3, X4 IR signal so that it can overpower
the plasma IR interference signal. If the X3, X4 transmitter is placed too low,
too high or too far to the side of the plasma screen, its IR signal will be
reduced because it is off-axis from the headphones. This can result in the
Plasma IR interference being stronger than the X3, X4 signal at the headphones
location, causing the background noise to occur.

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