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HDMI connection between my PS3 and my TV (Stereo Headsets)

This article applies to P11, PX21/Foxtrot, PX22, PLa, and PX11/Kilo.

Q:  I use an HDMI connection between my PS3 and my TV. Can I connect my stereo headset?

A:  Yes. To send game sound to your headset, use the standard PS3 A/V cable's stereo RCA plugs (red/white). The HDMI cable and PS3 A/V cable can be connected to the PS3 simultaneously, allowing you to watch the game in HD while enjoying high-quality stereo game sound on your headset.

Your PS3 console should have included an AV (Audio Video) cable with red, white, and yellow RCA plugs. 

1) Connect the RCA Splitter Cable that came with your headset to the PS3 AV Cable. Match white to white, and red to red. (These cables do not get connected to the TV for this setup.)

2) Connect the headset's USB plug to an open USB port on your PS3.

3) Connect an HDMI cable between your PS3 console and your HDTV.

4) In the PS3 system settings (XMB), go to Settings > Sound Settings > Audio Multi-Output > On.

5) In the PS3 system settings (XMB), go to Settings > Accessory Settings > Audio Device Settings.

     - Set Input Device and Output Device to your Turtle Beach headset.

     - Adjust Microphone Level to 3 or 4.


If you want audio to play through the headset only, in the PS3 XMB:

     - Go to Settings > Sound Settings > Audio Multi-Output > Off.

     - Go to Settings > Sound Settings > Audio Output Settings. Choose "Audio Input Connector / SCART / AV MULTI".

Below is the PS3 HDMI setup diagram for the PX22, but you will want to follow the same/similar setup for P11, PLa, PX21/Foxtrot, and PX11/Kilo.

Audio should be playable through both the HDMI connection to your TV and through the PS3 analog audio outputs to your headset.

There are quite a few steps in the setup, and missing any one of them could cause the product not to work correctly. Be very careful and systematic in following the steps and the product should work fine.

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