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General FAQ - X31 / X41

Why did you decide to replace Analog IR wireless with Digital RF wireless?
At the time we released the X3, we couldn't find an acceptable digital RF technology that was high-quality and low cost, so analog IR was a good choice. Now that digital RF audio technology has matured, it's possible for us to make an X31 with high-quality digital RF wireless for the same price as the X3 analog IR version.
What advantages does Digital RF have over analog IR?
  1. The sound quality of digital RF is equivalent to that of an audio CD, while the sound quality of analog IR is like a cassette tape.
  2. Digital RF has no background hiss. With analog IR, there is a small background hiss that increases when the volume is turned up.
  3. Analog IR is subject to interference from plasma TV screens, while digital RF is not.
  4. Analog IR is a "line of sight" signal, meaning "if you can't see it, you won't hear it". Digital RF has a 360 degree transmission range, so you can put the transmitter anywhere and still hear high quality sound.
  5. Digital RF uses a lot less power, so we were able to eliminate the AC power adapter and use USB power instead.
Why does the X31 use a proprietary digital RF wireless signal rather than Bluetooth® wireless technology?
  1. BT uses more power. So, the batteries wouldn't last as long as they do with the X41 digital RF technology.
  2. BT uses audio compression, which reduces the sound quality. The X41 digital RF technology uses uncompressed audio for superior, high-fidelity sound.
  3. BT can have a significant delay between the sound and the game video. The X41 digital RF wireless technology has virtually no delay between the screen action and the sound you hear in the headset.
  4. In an area where WiFi, wireless telephones and other 2.4 GHz devices is very crowded, the BT signal can degrade very quickly, causing audio dropouts. The X41 digital wireless technology is very reliable in crowded RF bands. When it bumps into frequency bands that are occupied, it remembers the locations and avoids them. This makes it much more reliable than BT with significantly fewer dropouts in crowded RF frequency areas.
Why does the headset have to be "paired" with the transmitter, and what does "pairing" mean?
Each transmitter has a unique internal address that identifies it to the headset. No two transmitters have the same address, so if you had two or more in the same room, they can operate independently of each other. The process of "pairing" the headset and transmitter establishes a fixed communication link between them, so the headset will be locked to the address of only that transmitter and will ignore signals from any other transmitter that's within range. This prevents the headset from being confused if it senses a wireless signal from a different transmitter.
Can I use multiple headsets with the same transmitter at the same time?
No, only one headset can be used with one transmitter. If you pair two headsets to the same transmitter, one of the headsets will shut off. To use two headsets, you'll need two transmitters one for each headset. This way each headset is paired to its own transmitter and they won't interfere with each other. You can, however, use a second wired headset by plugging it into the X31 headphone output on the transmitter's front panel.
Can I use the X31 for listening to movies, TV and music?
Yes, the X31 delivers home-theater quality sound and is perfect for listening to DVD movies. Just connect the X31 to the analog stereo outputs on your DVD player instead of to your XBOX. You'll be surprised how much it improves the movie watching experience because you'll hear subtle sounds that are missed on speakers. You can also listen to music or your TV by connecting the transmitter input to the headphone jack on your TV, iPod or MP3 player.
What's the difference between the expander effect on the X3 and the X31?
The X3 has a basic analog expander effect in the transmitter while the X31 has a digital signal processor (DSP) inside the headset, which creates a much more dramatic expander effect with wider stereo separation.
Why is there a wired connection between the headset and XBOX controller rather than a wireless signal for XBOX Live chat?
Well, for one thing, the XBOX controller uses a proprietary RF communication system that is not made available to third party developers. But more importantly, RF would add substantial cost to the headset for very little benefit, since you have to hold the XBOX controller close to your body anyway.
Can I use my X31 headset with the X41 transmitter?
Yes, you can use an X41 headset with an X31 transmitter and an X31 headset with an X41 transmitter. However, you can only use one headset at a time with the transmitter and the headsets will have to be "paired" with the transmitter as described in the user guide.
How long will the headset batteries last?
The headset has a "battery booster" circuit that squeezes every last bit of power from the batteries and assures high quality sound until they're completely dead. This allows a pair of AAA Alkaline batteries to last for as long as 25 straight hours of game play. You can also use rechargeable batteries in place of the Alkaline batteries.
Why doesn't the headset have a built-in rechargeable battery?
  1. Rechargeable batteries have a limited life. When they no longer work the headset would need to be repaired in order to replace the internal battery.
  2. When a rechargeable battery is drained, you'll have to plug the headset into a charger. If this happens in the middle of a game, it can be very frustrating. With AAA batteries, you can just swap in a fresh pair and get back to the game.
  3. Using a pair of rechargeable AAA batteries instead of the alkaline batteries offers the same benefit as having a built-in rechargeable battery, with the convenience of always having a charged set for quick replacement.
  4. A built-in rechargeable battery and recharger would make the headset more expensive than buying a separate recharger and rechargeable AAA batteries.
Does the headset have an automatic shutoff to help extend battery life?
Yes. The headset will shut down if there is no sound for more than 5 minutes, or if headset doesn't sense the transmitter signal (because it's out of range or the transmitter is shut off).
Can I replace the ear cushions?
Yes, the ear cushions are designed to easily come off of the ear cups if they need to be replaced. Replacement ear cushions are available at TurtleBeach.com.
Can I use the X31 with a PlayStation 3 or PC?
You can use the X31 to hear the game audio, just as you would on the XBOX 360.The chat feature will work on the PS3 and PC with our PS3/PC Chat Adapter Cable + Amigo II bundle for only $29.95.

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