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Multiple Headsets on one PS3?

Q:  Can more than one USB or Bluetooth headset be used on a single Playstation 3 console?

A:  Yes, but only for game audio. The PSN only allows one user to be logged in at a time, so even if multiple headsets are connected to the PS3 at the same time, only one of the headsets can be used for chat.

To connect multiple headsets to a single PS3 for game audio, you will need to "piggyback" their connections.

Analog (Stereo) headsets:
The RCA splitter cables that come with all of our Stereo headsets are built in a "piggyback" style, which means the red and white audio connectors have a plug (male) on one side and a jack (female) on the other. You can connect the plug of one headset's RCA splitter cable into the jack on the back of the other's RCA splitter cable, matching the red and white connectors together. Connected like this, both headsets will receive the same game audio.


Digital (Surround Sound) headsets:
Our wireless headsets that natively support a digital input will also support a digital output from their transmitters. You can connect the digital output from one transmitter to the digital input of the next transmitter. This "daisy-chain" setup will make sure both transmitters receive the same digital audio signal. Please note that digital audio signals are fragile, there's a limit to how much "daisy-chaining" you can do before you will start to experience audio drop-outs.


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