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Switch between headphones and TV sound on PS3

SETUP OPTION 1 - Audio from TV to PX1:
If you plug the PX1 audio cables into the television's analog audio outputs (red/white RCA jacks) then the PX1 will only play the game soundtrack if the TV is playing the soundtrack too.

On some TV sets, the Volume control will affect both the TV speakers *and* the level going to the analog audio outputs. In this case, muting the TV sound may also mute the playback from the PX1 headset. This will make it impossible to have sound play through the headset without it also playing through the TV speakers, so private headset listening may not be possible.

On other TVs, the Volume control will only affect the TV speakers, so you can listen through the PX1 headset for private listening without the TV speakers playing.
SETUP OPTION 2 - Audio from PS3 to PX1:
If you plug the PX1 audio cables into the audio outputs directly from the A/V Port on the back of the PS3 (just to the left of the power switch, on the PS3 back panel), then when you choose the PS3's analog stereo audio output (System Output) you'll hear the sound from the headset.

Choosing the PS3's digital audio output will send the sound to the TV, through the HDMI cable.

This way you can easily switch between headphone-only and TV-only game sound playback.

Note that with this setup option, you will not be able to play sound through both the PX1 headset and the TV speakers at the same time, or both by enabling Audio Multi Output.

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