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Bluetooth Pairing Mode - User Guide corrections

The first time you power on the bluetooth the headset will not announce the BT is in pairing mode but it is (the light blinks blue/red correctly).  After this it should operate correctly.


* In the PX5 user guide (page 13), the section titled PS3 Bluetooth Chat Setup should be placed before the Configure PS3 Settings section.
* In the PX5 user guide (page 13) it states to turn off the headset before you put the PX5 in BT pairing mode. It should be: power down the BT (bluetooth) before you can put it in BT pairing mode.

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Ashley Sivorn | 15 May, 2011 09:48 PM
Thanks For The Correction :-)
Posted: 3 years 5 months ago   | Permalink

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User Guide - XBA     Quick Play Setup - Connections and Settings