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How To Restore Factory Defaults

To Restore Factory Defaults...
If the PX5 Advanced Sound Editor detects the headset:
- go to second tab (Configuration)
- click [Restore all defaults]
That will flash the EEPROM and load the factory presets.

If the PX5 Advanced Sound Editor fails to detect the headset:
- Unplug USB cable between headset and PC
- Remove batteries from headset
Wait 15-30 seconds before inserting batteries back into headset
- If headset becomes operational, plug USB cable back into a different USB port and resume programming, or to restore defaults go to Configuration tab and click [Restore all defaults].

To get into BootLoader mode:

*NOTE: The headset will be unresponsive while in BootLoader mode, i.e., no voice prompts, beeps, tones, etc. The power LED may or may not light up either, depending on the state of the firmware.*
- Make sure the PX5 Advanced Sound Editor is loaded and ready.
- Make sure the USB is unplugged and the headset is off
- Turn Game Vol to maximum
- Press and hold Preset button down
- While still holding down Preset button, plug in USB cable
- Verify that status bar (at bottom of PX5 Preset Mgr screen) reads
"PX5 BootLoader attached"
- go to second tab (Configuration)
- click [Restore all defaults]

That will reset the headset to factory defaults, as if the headset had never been programmed from the Advanced Sound Editor.


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