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**Advanced Sound Editor Precautions**

NOTE: We strongly recommend you read the User Guide for the corresponding Advanced Sound Editor software before using the program. Improper use of the software can render your Headset completely inoperable.

Be sure to use the latest Advanced Sound Editor (ASE) version from our Web Site: http://www.turtlebeach.com/presets

Download the corresponding software for your Headset, and Install it.
NOTE: In Windows 7, in order to install the Advanced Sound Editor, you must have Administrator Rights on the PC. This is not an issue with the headset; it is a Windows System Security provision. If you do not have access rights, you should get permission from the Administrator of that system.
 To avoid any complications, before you begin working with your Presets:
 1) Make sure that you have enough battery power so that crucial processes such as Restoring Defaults, downloading, installing new firmware/settings/voice prompts, etc. do not get interrupted. Power consumption will jump appreciably during data transfer or downloads. If you're using rechargeable batteries, the headset can die very suddenly. If these processes get unexpectedly interrupted, the headset processor can crash, which can render your headset inoperable.
 2) Make sure you are using the correct file in the proper field. Do NOT attempt to load Firmware onto "Voice Prompts" or any other files because your headset may become inoperable.
 3) DO NOT RESTART YOUR COMPUTER IF PROMPTED TO DO SO BY WINDOWS. If Windows asks you to restart your computer at any point in the update process, click "RESTART LATER". Restarting your PC in the middle of an update can cause complications such as crashing of the headset processor, which can render your headset inoperable.
If the Headset is "locked up" or stuck in Bootloader Mode:
If your unit gets 'stuck', in order to recover it, try the following:
- Disconnect all cables
- Power-cycle the headset:
          - PX5, XP500, and Delta: Remove, then replace batteries
          - Tango: Hold headset's MUTE button for 15 seconds
- Reconnect cables
- Try the "Restore all defaults" command from the Configuration tab.
If this does not help, please click the following links for further details:

PX5/XP500/Delta Reset
PX51/XP510/Tango/Phantom Reset


All files and documentation are offered on an *AS IS* basis and you assume full responsibility for using them.

Go to Downloads for User Guides, Manuals, Drivers and other Documentation.
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Preset Community - User Registration, Advanced Sound Editor,...     XP510/PX51/Phantom - Unresponsive Headset? - Reset in Bootloader...