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Q:  I'm wondering if there is a way to wire the ear force px5 headset to a Yamaha home theater receiver.
A:  The PX5 can connect to a Home Theater Receiver (HTR) for audio playback. If your HTR has a Toslink digital audio output, you can run that to the Digital In on the PX5 transmitter, and the PX5 headset will play what is sent from the HTR. This will allow you to play anything the HTR plays, which could include the PS3, DVD/Bluray player, HDTV audio feed, etc. If your HTR has a USB port available, you could also use that to power the PX5 transmitter.

Q:  What is the booster circuit that extends battery life.

A:  The battery booster circuit is a voltage booster that gets all the "juice" out of the batteries, for longest possible battery life.


Q:  I just bought a PX5 and I want to use it with my laptop to play WOW and other 7.1 experiences. There is no Optical TOSLINK on my computer. Should I buy your Micro II.  I am happy to, but I see that it is only 5.1 and not 7.1.  Do you have a 7.1?

A:  The Micro II will pass Dolby 7.1 data through its Toslink digital output. But the digital audio data will need to be encoded in Dolby Digital 7.1. It will also pass Dolby Digital 5.1 data, and the PX5 can also decode Dolby Digital 5.1. So you can play either Dolby Digital 7.1 or Dolby Digital 5.1, no problem. You should be covered for both with that combination. The only problem will be how to connect the PX5 microphone to the laptop. If your laptop has a Bluetooth Audio interface you should be fine because the PX5's wireless mic connection is through Bluetooth.


Q:  Will they work with older version ps3 or the fatty?

A:  PX5 will work with any Bluetooth device for PSN chat, and any PS3 with a Toslink optical digital output.


Q:  Will Bluetooth will really work with my iPhone and PS3 at same time?

A:  The BT interface can only be used for one comm app at a time. So if your cell rings it will cut off PSN chat while you're talking on your cell using BT. Also, if you're playing music in your PX5 from your iPhone over BT, you won't be able to chat on PSN at the same time.  The same rule applies when streaming music and using Bluetooth for an XBA on Xbox LIVE chat. 

The only way to listen to streaming music while you chat is if you use a wired connection.  On the Xbox 360, this means using a Talkback Cable for wired Xbox LIVE chat.  For wired PSN chat, you would need to use the optional Amigo II + PS3 Chat Adapter Cable bundle.  For more details on this bundle, click here.


Q:  I  have a fairly new Samsung TV"¦can I listen to it by blue tooth or do I need separate hook up with RCA cables?

A:  Hooking up to your TV can be done many different ways. The best way is to use Toslink optical digital for soundtrack, BT for PSN chat, etc.


Q:  Will the PX5 work with true surround sound if PC and Xbox are connected to the HTS with HDMI (or optical in) and PX5 is connected with an optical out plug?

A:  It depends what you are connecting to the PX5 Digital In. All the PX5 requires is that it is fed a Dolby Digital audio stream through a Toslink optical digital audio cable. That can come from the Digital Out on the back of a PS3 or Xbox, and it can also come from the optical S/PDIF Out on a PC (assuming you PC has this -- not all do).
If your home theater receiver ("HTR") has an optical S/PDIF Digital Out, then it's likely that this will send Dolby Digital audio data stream to the PX5 transmitter's Digital In, and this should work too. But we cannot guarantee that your HTR does send Dolby Digital from all input sources. Again, it *should* work, but you'll need to check with the manufacturer of your HTR to make sure this is supported.


Q:  I take a lot long train rides can I use the headset with my ipad to hear music and get my text messages?

A:  You can use the PX5 as a portable, wireless Bluetooth stereo headset. The PX5 Bluetooth interface is A2DP format, so is capable of stereo playback. The only limitation is that the headset's Digital RF receiver will still attempt to pair with the Digital RF transmitter, even while the transmitter is not present. This means that the battery life will be the same as when using the complete PX5 setup (headset and transmitter), which is about 15 hours.

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