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How to load a Mic Morph preset

This is a quick guide to loading a Mic Morph preset to your Turtle Beach headset. For this example, we'll use the Chipmunk Morph preset. Please download the appropriate version for the console you intend to use, PS3 or Xbox. For instructions on how to download presets, please see How to download presets

  • Connect the Headset to your PC via the included USB cable.
  • Load up the Advanced Sound Editor.
    • The Advanced Sound Editor will recognize the attached headset and load the current active preset into the appropriate fields. So for instance, if you were last using preset 4 on your headset, then that will be the preset that gets loaded into the tool.

Let's apply the Chipmunk Morph by modifying preset 1, which is DH Flat . For our example, we'll be using this effect while playing Xbox, so make sure you are in Xbox mode by double-tapping the power button on your headset.

  1. Select preset 1 by clicking the 1 button. The Master dropdown box should now read [X360] DH Flat.
  2. Chipmunk Morph is a Mic sub-preset, so click on the arrow in the Mic dropdown box.
  3. Locate and select [X360] Chipmunk Morp
  4. You can hear the change immediately. Speak into your mic and listen to how your silly voice sounds now!
  5. Let's save this change as a new Master Preset. In the Master dropdown box, we'll type in a new name for our Master Preset. We'll call it [X360] DH Flat Chipmunk.
  6. Click on the disk icon disk_icon.jpg next to the field. The new Master Preset is now saved on our PC.
  7. So now, [X360] DH Flat Chipmunk should appear as a selectable Master Preset when we click on the black arrow.
  8. Finally, let's upload this new preset to our headset. Click on Upload to Headset. The Main and 1-8 buttons will start flashing. For our example, we want to upload the new preset to preset 1 on the headset. So go ahead and click on the 1 button.
  9. That's it! Unplug the headset from your PC, cycle through some presets, then go back to preset 1. Chipmunk Morph is applied to your voice!

All files and documentation are offered on an *AS IS* basis and you assume full responsibility for using them.

Go to Downloads for User Guides, Manuals, Drivers and other Documentation.
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