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Connections: No Analog & Optical at the same time

For surround sound headsets that use a digital optical (S/PDIF) cable, such as PX51, XP510, XP400, PX5, XP500, Delta, Tango, and X-Ray:

Q:  Is it possible to connect a PC through analog and the Bluetooth receiver while the headset is also connected to a PS3/Xbox 360 optical cable?

A:  No; when a digital optical (S/PDIF) cable is connected to the DIGITAL IN jack in the transmitter, the analog (LINE IN) inputs to the transmitter will be switched off. In order to use the analog inputs you will need to unplug the digital optical cable.

The Bluetooth operates completely separately from the transmitter, so anything happening over Bluetooth (e.g. stereo audio over A2DP or headset functionality on a cellphone/PC) will be unaffected by the transmitter.

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