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No Game Audio? Possibly not Paired.

If the headset and transmitter are not paired, you will not be able to hear game audio through the headset. If the headset is paired, the Power/Pairing LED on the transmitter will be a solid blue. If it is not paired, it will be slowly fading in and out. The Power/Pairing LED on the transmitter is the only LED that is programmed to blink. All other LEDs on the transmitter will remain solid when they are lit.

Please note that as long as the headset is connected to the PS4/Xbox 360 controller or paired to the PS3 via bluetooth, you will be able to chat. This is no indicator of whether the headset is paired to the transmitter. Chat functions completely independent from Game audio. 

NOTE 1: The instruction booklet that comes with the headset does NOT mention that you have to keep holding down the button on the headset to hear a 2nd set of two beeps.

For detailed instructions on how to Pair the Headset and Transmitter, click here

NOTE 2: If you followed the instructions and it still does not pair, please contact our support team: Contact Support

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