Stealth 700 for Xbox One - Turtle Beach Audio Hub - Update Firmware and Customize Controls

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Stealth 700 for Xbox One - Turtle Beach Audio Hub - Update Firmware and Customize Controls
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It is important to always run the most up-to-date firmware in order to enjoy the best audio experience.

The Turtle Beach Audio Hub will automatically check for the newest firmware and install the newest version if available.

The Turtle Beach Audio Hub is available for Windows and Mac.

  1. Connect your Stealth 700 for Xbox One to your PC/Mac using the included USB Cable.
  2. Open the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app

At this point if your headset requires a new update you will be prompted to begin this process.

**Note: This process may take a couple minutes. Do not disconnect your headset until the process is complete.**

Once the process is complete enroll your headset with your Xbox One.  The update process erases the Xbox Wireless connection so it is essential that this step is taken.  Detailed Steps available here.

Now you are able to adjust some of your Stealth 700 for Xbox One settings.


Mic Monitor - This setting allows you to control how loud you hear yourself in the headset.  If this is turned down all the way you will not hear your own voice at all, while if you turn it up all the way you will hear your voice loudly through the headset.  When wearing over-ear style headphones this helps prevent you from yelling.  If this setting is turned up to the maximum level you may also hear some ambient noise from other sources of sound in your room.

Tones - This setting controls how loud the indication tones you hear in your headset play.  These are tones that play when toggling your EQ Presets, Superhuman Hearing, and when Powering On/Off. If this is set to the minimum you will not hear any indication tones.

Voice Prompts - This settings controls how loud the voice prompts that you hear in your headset play.  These prompts play when powering on the headset and using Bluetooth functions.

Audio Preset - Select a EQ Preset to enhance your listening experience.

  1. Signature Sound - Turtle Beach tuned Natural Sound; hear your media just as the creators intended.
  2. Bass Boost - Turn up the Bass; feel the deep sound effects in your games  and the punch of bass-heavy music tracks.
  3. Bass and Treble Boost - Turn everything up; increased lows and highs give you more of everything for a more powerful audio experience.
  4. Vocal Boost - Tune in to the vocals on music tracks and dialog in games and movies; make your characters and stories come alive.

Chat Boost -  Turn this On to have Chat Audio automatically increase in volume when loud game sounds occur. A Turtle Beach feature that’s hard to live without!


The information screen displays some essential details that may be needed when troubleshooting an issue or talking with Customer Support.  The links lead to the Support section of the Turtle Beach website. (Which you are currently reading right now!)

Newest Firmware:

ModelFirmware - HeadsetDateNotes
Stealth 700 for Xbox One2.3.86/11/2018

Improved wireless connection to Xbox One. Improved Bluetooth volume control. Fix for incorrect battery level recorded on some phones.

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