Recon 50P - PC Compatibility

While the Recon 50P headset was originally designed to be used with a Playstation 4 console, it can also be used with a PC, under the correct circumstances. 

If your computer has a single jack for both headset audio and mic audio, you will be able to plug the headset directly into that single jack and use the headset with your computer.


If your computer has separate jacks, one each for headset audio and mic audio, you will need a PC Splitter Cable for full functionality with that particular computer. Usually these separate jacks are identified either by color (Green/Pink), or by images of a mic/headset next to the individual jacks.


The PC Splitter Cable is available for purchase here on the Webstore.

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    Hi, I recently brought a turtle beach recon 50p with an attachable mic. My laptop is a windows 8 and has a single jack, but for some reason the mic on the headset does not work when I go record my commentary. Any help?

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    TB Admin

    @ Thunda

    Make sure the port in use is set as your active device under the recording tab.

    Also make sure this single port is indeed a combination port for both audio and mic, and not just audio. You can test the headset on a phone on its own, just to make sure the mic itself doesnt have an issue or not as well.

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    Anthony Doel

    My mic isn't working on my recon 50p but my audio is working. Does anyone know how make my mic work so I dont have to take it back.

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    Roger-Regan Clements

    Have tried multiple different splitter adapters with my recon 50p but I still don't get the full capabilities of the headset on the pc.


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    TB Admin


    Try your headset on a cellphone away from the PC. If the mic still fails there(make sure to cover up the cellphones mic when testing) then you may have an issue with the mic itself and will want to look into replacing it.


    @ Roger

    What do you mean by full capabilities?

    Contact our support team with details and they can try to help from there.

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    Joe Kephart

    so i bouight the recon 50 about a year ago and i had a mic splitter worked great with it mic splitter broke then i got another one stopped working about 2 weeks ago i bought a new mic boom thjat did nothing so i bought a new mic cplitter still did nothing the audio for the mic splitter works bnut not the microphone part but when i plug the headest directly in the microphone works im really confused lol 

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