Tactical Audio Controller - Reset in Bootloader Mode

If your TAC (Tactical Audio Controller) unit is unresponsive, or if you are experiencing other software-related issues, we recommend trying to reset the TAC in Bootloader Mode, using the Turtle Beach Audio Hub. To do this, please follow the steps below:

Tactical Audio Controller Reset Instructions

  1. Download the Turtle Beach Audio Hub and install the software to your computer, if you have not done so already. The Turtle Beach Audio Hub is available for Windows and Mac.
  2. Open the Audio Hub, and the Audio Hub window should appear. Once open, there will be a message telling you to "Please Connect a Turtle Beach Device."
  3. Disconnect all cables from the TAC unit.
  4. Connect the included USB Programming Cable (USB Micro) to the USB port labeled "PROGRAM ONLY" on the rear of the TAC unit. The "PROGRAM ONLY" port will have a rubber flap covering it; simply remove the flap with your fingernail or something similar to access the USB port.
    **Do not  connect the other end of this USB Cable to your computer just yet.**
  5. Press and hold down the MIC MUTE button on the TAC (small button in the bottom-left corner), and while continuing to hold down the MIC MUTE button, connect the other end of the USB Programming Cable to an available USB port on your computer. This will put the TAC into Bootloader mode.
  6. If successful, after a few moments the Audio Hub will recognize the TAC is connected and in Bootloader mode, and offer an update. Agree to this update to begin the reset process. If the Audio Hub does not recognize the TAC, or that it is in bootloader mode, try steps 3-5 once again.
    **The reset may take up to 3-5 minutes to complete. Do not disconnect the TAC, or reset/power off  your computer during this process.**
  7. You will see a prompt that the update was completed successfully. Click 'OK'. You may then close the Audio Hub and disconnect the TAC from your computer. 

The TAC will now be reset and should be working properly.