Stealth 700 for Xbox One - Headset Controls and Audio Features

The Stealth 700 for Xbox One headset comes with multiple features. In this article, you'll find some information about those features, as well as about the headset's buttons and controls.


Mic Mute: The mic is adjustable; to mute the mic, flip it back. You will hear a tone (high low), and the mic will be muted. When the mic is muted, Mic Monitoring is disabled. To unmute the mic, flip the mic forwards. You will hear a tone (low high), and the mic will be ready to use. For more information about the mic, click here.

  • Mic Monitoring: A feature that lets you hear yourself through the headset when you speak into the mic. This helps to keep you from yelling into your microphone at other players quite as much. This does not affect how other people hear you.
Mic is muted; the Mic Monitoring will not work. Mic is unmuted; the Mic Monitoring will function.
mic_mute.PNG mic_not_muted.PNG

Superhuman Hearing™ Button: Use Superhuman Hearing™ Mode to pinpoint quiet audio cues, like enemy footsteps and weapon reloads.

Bluetooth Multi-Function Button: For use in pairing Bluetooth, as well as the various Bluetooth audio and phone controls, as shown in the chart below.




Skip Forward
Fast Forward
Skip Back

Press Once
Press Twice Quickly
Press Twice Quickly and Hold
Press Three Times Quickly
Press Three Times Quickly and Hold

Answer Call
End Call
Reject Incoming Call

Press Once
Press Once
Press and Hold

Activate Voice Recognition (If Available) Press and Hold When Not In a Call

For more information about using Bluetooth with your Stealth 700 for Xbox One headset, click here.

Independent Game and Volume ControlThe Stealth 700X for Xbox One has independent Game and Chat Volume controls, so you can adjust your experience to your preference.

Power Button: Press and Hold the Power Button to power on/off the headset, or Press the Power Button to engage/disengage Active Noise Cancellation.

  • Active Noise Cancellation: Turtle Beach headsets with Active Noise Cancellation (like the Stealth 700 for Xbox One) are designed to keep you present and fully immersed in your games. With the press of a button, our advanced noise-cancelling technology actively listens for external sounds, and then cancels them out so you stay focused on the task at hand. Enjoy hearing pure game and chat audio, and nothing else.

Connect Button: When pairing the headset with the Xbox One console, press and hold this button to put the headset into Pairing Mode. For full pairing instructions, click here.

VR/Mobile Headphone Port*: For use with a VR/Mobile Cable (sold separately). For more information about using your Stealth 700X for Xbox One for VR or with a Mobile Device, click here.

USB Charge & Update Port: For use with charging the headset, as well as updating the headset/transmitter using the Turtle Beach Audio Hub. For more information about charging the headset click here. For more information about updating the headset/transmitter, click here.