Stealth 420X - Reset in Bootloader Mode

If your Stealth 420X headset powers off on its own, or powers off during the pairing process, we recommend trying to reset the headset and transmitter in Bootloader Mode using the Turtle Beach Audio Hub.

**Please note that this Bootloader Reset is only recommended for the specific issues described above. We do not recommend completing this reset otherwise. If you are experiencing other issues with your Stealth 420X headset, contact our Support Team.**

Download the Turtle Beach Audio Hub application and install it, if you have not done so already.​ The Turtle Beach Audio Hub is available for Windows and Mac.

Additionally, for this process you will also need something small, like a pin or paperclip.

NOTE: **It is important that all of the steps below are completed in order as follows. If you do not complete the entire process to the end, or some steps are skipped, the process will not be completed properly and the issue may not be resolved.**

Now, once the Audio Hub application has been downloaded and installed successfully to your computer, complete the reset as instructed: 

  1. Launch the Audio Hub application, and the Audio Hub window will appear on screen. 
  2. Connect the Stealth 420X USB Transmitter to an available USB port on the computer. 
    • For Windows computers only:
      • After a moment, an option to install drivers will appear in the bottom right of the Audio Hub window.
      • Click this to install the drivers.
      • Allow the driver installation to complete before continuing to the next step.
  3. Disconnect the Stealth 420X USB Transmitter from your computer.
  4. Using your paperclip, hold down the Pinhole Button on the Transmitter as you connect it to your PC. This will place the Stealth 420X in Bootloader Mode, and should be displayed as such on screen. If the Audio Hub is not displaying it as in Bootloader Mode, disconnect the USB Transmitter and try again.
  5. Once the USB transmitter is recognized in Bootloader Mode, connect the Headset itself to your PC using the USB Cable included with your​ Stealth 420X.
  6. Select Yes, when prompted to update your headset.  This will begin the Recovery Process, which may take a few moments. Do not disconnect the headset or transmitter during this process.
  7. After the recovery process has completed, complete the pairing process as instructed here. 

The headset and transmitter will now be reset, and should now be paired with one another and working properly.

**PLEASE NOTE: As noted above, the headset MUST be PAIRED with the transmitter following this process. If the headsetand transmitter are not paired at the end of the process, the process will not be completed properly, and the issue may not be resolved.**