Elite Pro PC Edition - How to Remove Ear Cushions, Adjust ProSpecs Glasses Relief

The Elite Pro PC Edition Headset features a ProSpecs Glasses Relief System, which provides flexibility in the Ear Cushion material to accommodate eyeglass frames. Essentially, you can reduce the depth of the ear cushion where you wear your glasses, which would otherwise have the full weight of them pressing your glasses frame against the sides of your head. The following instructions depict how to remove the ear cushions and adjust the glasses relief:

Remove Elite Pro PC Edition Ear Cushions and Adjust Glasses Relief

1. With one hand, hold the Ear Cup at the orange ring. Make sure you are grasping the Ear Cup but not the Ear Cushion.

2. With your other hand, grip the Ear Cushion and turn it counter-clockwise. You may need to firmly grip the Ear Cushion with your entire hand to rotate the Ear Cushion (but not the orange plate that's permanently attached to the ear cup). You will feel it move further counter-clockwise and then easily detach from the Ear Cup when you've unlocked it successfully. Repeat this same process with the other Ear Cup.


3. To adjust the glasses relief, press your thumb down near the tab, unhook the tab and then pull the tab further out to lower the depth of the Ear Cushion or let it retract to raise the depth. When it's at the preferred level, secure the tab back in the peg.

4. To connect the Ear Cushion back to the Ear Cup, line them up properly (the 'R/L' at the bottom of the Ear Cushion plate should line up with the 'R/L' at the bottom of the Ear Cup) and you should feel the Ear Cushion plate go in the Ear Cup. To lock it back in, grasp the Ear Cushion and Ear Cup in the same manner you did previously and turn it clockwise. You will hear it 'click' back into place when it's locked.

Here is a video demonstrating the process above:

If you are still having any difficulty removing the ear cushions or adjusting the Glasses Relief, please contact our Support Team.