Xbox One X Compatibility

Q: Is my headset compatible with the new Xbox One X Console?

A: All of our Xbox One-compatible headsets are also compatible with the new Xbox One X console. If your headset is compatible with the original Xbox One console, you should be able to use your headset with the new Xbox One X console without issue.

If you are having issues setting up or using your Xbox One-compatible headset on an Xbox One X console, please contact our support team.

**The table below shows a quick list of our current headsets and accessories that are compatible with the Xbox One X console. Please note that this does not include Legacy/discontinued products.**



  • Elite 800X
  • Recon 50X
  • Recon Chat for Xbox One
  • Stealth 600 for Xbox One
  • Stealth 700 for Xbox One
  • XO Four Stealth
  • XO One
  • XO Seven Pro
  • XO Three
  • Headset Audio Controller (HAC)
  • Headset Audio Controller Plus (HAC Plus)
  • Tactical Audio Controller (TAC)
  • Tactical Audio Adapter (TAA)




Although not included in the above table, some of our Legacy/discontinued headsets are compatible with the Xbox One X console. This includes headsets specifically designed for the Xbox One, as well as headsets with Xbox One Setup Diagram articles.

To set up those headsets for use with an Xbox One X console, simply follow the instructions included in either the headset’s User Guide (for headsets designed to be used with the Xbox One console), or the headset’s respective Xbox One Setup Diagram (for Legacy headsets with an Xbox One Setup Diagram article). Please note that although the Diagram itself will not show or reference the Xbox One X console, those Xbox One setup instructions will still apply.