Stealth 420X/Stealth 420X+ Transmitter

The Stealth 420X Transmitter can be used as a replacement for the Stealth 420X+ Transmitter. Likewise, the Stealth 420X+ Transmitter can be used as a replacement for the Stealth 420X Transmitter.

Once you have your original Stealth 420X+ Headset and replacement Stealth 420X Transmitter, or your original Stealth 420X Headset and replacement Stealth 420X+ Transmitter, follow the steps below before using.

For this process, you will need a small tool like a paperclip, and a PC/Mac.

Download the Turtle Beach Audio Hub to update your Headset and Transmitter. The Turtle Beach Audio Hub is available for Windows and Mac.

Now, once the Audio Hub application has been successfully downloaded and installed on your computer:

  1. Open up the Turtle Beach Audio Hub application.
  2. Connect the USB Transmitter. After a moment, an option to install drivers will appear in the bottom right of the Audio Hub window. Select it to install available drivers.
  3. After the drivers finish installing completely, disconnect the USB Transmitter from your computer.
  4. Using your pin or paperclip, hold down the Pinhole Button on the Transmitter as you connect it to your PC. This will place the Transmitter in Bootloader Mode, and should be displayed as such in the Audio Hub application window. If the Audio Hub is *not* displaying it as in Bootloader Mode, disconnect the Transmitter from your computer and try this step again.
  5. Connect your Headset to your PC using the USB Cable included with your Headset.
  6. When prompted to update the Headset, select "Yes". This will begin the Update Process, which may take a few moments. Do not disconnect the Headset or Transmitter during this process.
  7. After the updated process has completed, complete the pairing process below and you will be ready to play again!

Pairing Instructions

  1. Disconnect the Headset charging cable if it is currently plugged in and power the headset OFF. If it is on, hold the Power Button on the right ear cup for five seconds, at which point you will hear a voice prompt announce "Powering Off".
  2. Insert a paperclip (or something similar) into the pinhole on the Transmitter to press the Pair Button, until the Transmitter's Connection Status LED flashes rapidly.
    • Note: the Pair Button on the Transmitter is recessed in a pinhole to prevent accidental operation. Do not use an object with a sharp, pointed end to press the Pair Button.
  3. Press and hold the Power Button on the Headset until the Headset's Power LED flashes rapidly. You will hear a voice prompt announce "Powering On", then "Pairing Headset".
  4. After around 10 seconds, the Connection Status LED on the Transmitter and the Power LED on the Headset will turn a solid green. You will also hear a "Headset Paired" voice prompt to confirm that the pairing process was successful.

If you are having any difficulty pairing your headset and transmitter, please contact our Support Team for additional assistance.