Tactical Audio Controller - Presets

To change presets on the TAC:

  1. Start by first setting the TAC to the correct Surround Mode for the particular preset. Use the SURROUND MODE button on the TAC to cycle between modes. The number of lights above the SURROUND MODE button will indicate which mode the TAC is currently in.
    • 1 Light = Game Mode (Surround)
    • 2 Lights = Movie Mode (Su​rround)
    • 3 Lights = Music Mode (Su​rround)
    • 4 Lights = Surround Off Mode (Stereo)
  2. Next, use the PRESETS button to choose the exact preset, within the mode the TAC is currently set to. Just as when choosing the surround mode, the number of lights above the PRESETS button will indicate which preset is currently selected.


**Please note that the second "Bass Booster" mode in the "Surround Off" chart above should read as "Vocal Booster"**