Stealth 450 - DTS Headphone:X Surround Sound Driver

Download the Stealth 450 DTS Headphone driver for Win 7, 8, and Win 10.


For installation instructions, please check out the Stealth 450 Surround Driver Setup Guide

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    Kevin Isganitis

    I recently reinstalled Windows 10 and have had an issue come back up that I've had previously, but am unable to fix it this time (and don't remember how I fixed it in the past).  No matter what I set the Windows volume to, the output level is always the same (extremely loud).  Previously, I had fixed this somehow so that when I changed the volume using my keyboard or the Windows volume mixer, the output level would change, but now that I've reinstalled my only way to change the volume is through the headphones themselves, which is pretty annoying.  Is there a way to fix this?

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    Sam Walker

    Hi Kevin/Daniel,

    I have a similar issue and I've found it to be driver related. With this latest driver (Version - 05/04/2017) I'm unable to control volume through the standard windows volume control mixer. I found an earlier version of the driver online ( - 14/07/2015) which restores this functionality and I can control the volume again through windows. Sadly, any kind of Windows update updates these drivers and you once again have to roll-back manually.

    I gave quite a detailed description of this in a support ticket (driver revisions when the problem started) but sadly received the generic "turn it off and on again" cliche in return.

    Hope this helps,

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    Daniel Spade

    I am having the same issue that Kevin had up there. Same issue where I was able to adjust the output level through windows, but now it doesn't seem to change at all. "Windows adjusting it is certainly a bonus." should be something all headsets do and not be a bonus. There has to be a way to fix it.

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    TB Admin

    @Sam Walker

    To avoid confusion: The headset was designed so that the volume could be adjusted directly from the volume controls located on the headset itself (not externally through the computer). While it may be possible to adjust the headset’s volume externally, that is not how the headset was designed to perform and function; as this is not the intended use of the product, we would not recommend doing so.

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    TB Admin

    @ Kevin

    Unsure here, but it may just be a function of windows that has changed with a recent update. Your headset itself was always intended to control its audio from its own settings. Windows adjusting it is certainly a bonus.

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    TB Admin

    @ Daniel

    As mentioned, it would be a nice bonus but not as it was designed.

    Nothing has changed on the headsets end, this is most likely due to recent updates on the windows side.

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