X42 - PC Compatibility

The X42 headset was designed for use with Xbox 360 consoles. It does not process audio via USB, and will not be recognized by a PC when plugged in. We recommend using one of our many PC headsets instead, such as the Stealth 450. A list of PC compatible headsets can be found here:

Turtle Beach PC Headsets

The following is provided for informational purposes on an *as-is* basis.

Part 1: Game Audio

Surround Sound:

To use the X42 headset on a PC or Mac for Surround Sound, you will need to have a Dolby Digital Live (DDL) sound card with a digital optical S/PDIF output.

1.  Connect the transmitter's USB cable to your PC for power.

2.  Connect the included digital optical cable to the transmitter's Digital In jack and the computer's digital optical output.

3.  Set your computer's Digital Optical Output as the Default Playback (output) Device:

Windows: Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound > Playback tab. Right-click Digital/Optical Output (or similar) and choose "Set as Default Device".
Mac: Apple Menu > System Preferences > Sound > Output tab. Select digital/optical output (or similar) from the list.

4.  Power on the headset, and make sure the headset and transmitter are properly paired to one another.

5.  Play a track on your PC. You should hear audio in the headset.

NOTE: Your PC must have a sound card with Dolby Digital Live installed in order to hear Dolby Digital surround sound through the headset. If your PC does not have that, you will only hear enhanced stereo audio.

Stereo Sound:

You will need a 3.5 mm stereo cable (not included).  Connect one end to your PC's green headphones (output) jack.  Connect the other end to the "Analog In" jack on your Turtle Beach transmitter.  Lastly, press the transmitter's "Surround On/Off" button to disable surround sound processing.


Part 2: Chat

You can use the headset for wired chat on a PC with the optional PC Chat Adapter Cable (sold separately).

You can use this cable to connect the headset's Xbox 360 jack to your PC's pink microphone jack. This way, you will have a wired connection for chat and a wireless connection for game audio. For a YouTube video showing how to use the PC Chat Adapter, click here.

-  The headset must be paired to the transmitter and the transmitter must be on for the headset to work properly.
-  Using a wireless Xbox 360 controller with a Play & Charge cable will not work on a PC.