X32 - Buzzing Noise When Connected to Controller

The USB bus power on the Xbox 360 is known for being noisy and carrying a hum.  It seems that the Microsoft Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit (controller charger) emits an electromagnetic field that may interfere with your Turtle Beach headset, causing a continuous buzzing sound.

Please note that this is not a problem with the Turtle Beach Headset.


1) Please charge your controller while not using the headset. Then, when you want to use your headset, you can disconnect the Play & Charge Kit and use the controller without it. That way you can keep your controller charged and use your headset when you need to.

2) You might also consider trying another controller in case it is defective.

CAUSE 2: Wired Controller

Q: When the Turtle Beach headset is plugged into a wireless Xbox 360 controller everything works fine, but when plugged into a wired controller it makes a buzzing noise. How can I stop the buzzing?

A: Wired controllers are known to cause a buzzing noise like a ground loop. Also, third-party controllers can generate buzzing noises, such as those by MadCatz. If this doesn't occur with a wireless controller, then it may be a grounding problem.

Suggestion 1: Try connecting your Turtle Beach headset (for wired models) or transmitter (for wireless models) to a different power source. Instead of connecting to your Xbox 360 for USB power, connect to a laptop, PC, or a USB power adapter to break the common ground between the controller and transmitter.


Suggestion 2: Try connecting your headset to a different wired Xbox 360 controller, in case your controller is defective.

Suggestion 3: The issue may be with the talkback cable if the issue persists with multiple controllers. Talkback cables are available for purchase on our website.

If you are still having any problems with buzzing, please contact our Support Team: Contact Support