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In order to hear game audio, a wireless headset must be paired to its transmitter. The headset and transmitter are paired out of the box. The instructions below are only necessary if pairing appears to have been lost. This can happen if the headset is turned off for a long time or is out of range.

When the headset and transmitter are paired, the transmitter's Power/Pairing LED will be solid. If this LED is 'blinking' (slowly fading in and out) then the transmitter will need to be re-paired to the headset.

Tips before you begin:

- Replace the batteries in your headset with brand new, non-rechargeable batteries. When the battery power is low or the rechargeable batteries are old, the headset may not pair properly. If the headset is unresponsive, try using new batteries by a different brand than you're using currently.
- Make sure the headset and transmitter are 2 to 3 feet apart (about an arm's length) when pairing.

X42 Pairing Instructions

1)  Turn off the headset by pressing the headset Power button for 3 seconds. The LED on the headset should be completely off when it is powered down.

2)  Unplug the transmitter's USB power cable to power it down. Wait 3 seconds and then plug the power cable back in. The transmitter's Power/Pairing LED should now be pulsing slowly on and off.

3)  Hold down the transmitter's PAIR button for about 5 seconds, at which point the transmitter's Power/Pairing LED begins to flash quickly (twice per second). If it is blinking very rapidly, the button was held for much too long (15+ seconds), and you must start over from Step 2.

4)  With the headset still powered off, hold down the headset's Power button for about 6 seconds until you hear a second set of two beeps. The headset's Power LED should now be blinking rapidly like the transmitter (twice per second).

Note: The LED should not be double blinking (two quick blinks followed by a pause). If it is double blinking, then the button was not held long enough, and you must start over from Step 1.

5)  Wait about 10 to 15 seconds. The transmitter's Power/Pairing LED should be solid, and the headset's Power LED should now be flashing steadily once per second.

The headset will now be paired to the transmitter.


- The transmitter sends game audio only. Chat is sent to the headset directly from the controller (Xbox 360).

- The instruction book that comes with some headsets does NOT mention that you have to keep holding down the button on the headset to hear a second set of two beeps.

- The X42 transmitters have a quick pair mode, which will be activated if the PAIR button on the transmitter is held down for 10+ seconds. The Power/Pairing LED will begin to blink very rapidly, and this may be confused with the standard pairing mode. However, the headset may not pair properly with the transmitter in quick pair mode. To go into the correct, standard pairing mode, hold the PAIR button on the transmitter for only 5-6 seconds, at which point the Power/Pairing LED will begin to blink at a faster pace, but not very rapidly.

The headset Power button is located on the left ear cup, near where the microphone is attached.

The Pair button is located on the side of the transmitter, and the Power/Link LED is on the front.

Power/Pairing LED is pulsing slowly = Not paired
Power/Pairing LED is blinking quickly = Pairing mode
Power/Pairing LED is solid = Paired

If the headset is paired and game audio is still not working, double check that all the connections are secure and plugged into the appropriate ouputs according to the headset's user guide. For further troubleshooting, please contact our Tech Support Team: Contact Support

How do I know if my headset and transmitter are in pairing mode?
The transmitter has three different "flashing" patterns. It can be "Pulsing" on and off, which indicates that it is not paired. If you hold the PAIR button for 5 seconds, it will start blinking 2 times a second at an even rate. This is pairing mode.
If you hold the button upwards of 15 seconds, it will start blinking extremely quickly and the transmitter will leave pairing mode. This is not the correct pairing mode. Unplug the transmitter's USB cable if it's gone this far to "reset" the transmitter.
X42: The headset plays a couple of alerts. It will beep twice when it first turns on. Keep holding the power button when the headset powers on and you will hear a final set of two identical beeps (high high), then the power LED will start flashing on and off twice per second. This means the headset is in pairing mode. The headset's pairing mode blink is about the same rate as the transmitter's pairing mode blink.

NOTE: if the LED is double blinking (two blinks then a pause), the power button was not held down long enough.
When the headset powers off, it plays two descending tones (high low).

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