XP400 - Test Audio Playback using DVD/Blu-Ray player

If you have a surround sound headset and you cannot hear the game soundtrack, here is a test to make sure the headset and transmitter or surround sound processor are working:

You will need the following items to perform the test:

A DVD or Blu-Ray player with optical Digital Audio Out (S/PDIF Out)

- Plug one end of the supplied optical audio cable into the DVD/Blu-ray player's S/PDIF Out (Digital Out) jack.
- Plug the other end of the optical audio cable into the transmitter's S/PDIF IN (Digital In) jack.
- Make sure the volume is up on the headset.
- Play a track on the DVD/Blu-Ray player.
- Stand 4 to 6 feet back from the transmitter, but within line of sight.

If you can hear the soundtrack, then your product is working properly and there may be a setup issue with the console that you are using primarily.

NOTE: Optical cables come with clear plastic caps over the ends. Be sure to remove them before using the cable.

If you cannot hear game audio, your headset and transmitter may not be paired, or (for both wired and wireless models), the product may be defective. Please contact our Support Team for further assistance: Contact Support